5 reasons to choose the Balkan tours for the vacation?

Do you like to travel? If so and if you haven’t visited Bulgaria yet, you can make it happen very easily. At Bulgaria-balkan-guides.com you will find at least 5 reasons to choose the Balkan tours for the vacation. Among the different options there are available, you can find a lot of tempting ideas, we are going to point now. Bulgaria and the Balkans in general have a very old and interesting history and culture. With one trip you are able to see 6 countries and 5 beautiful seas. The tour is called ” The master of the seas” and includes a lot of beauty for all the senses.

Depending on your interest, you have the possibility to choose which direction the time machine to take. If you are interested in the mystery of the old temples and sanctuaries, if you like to see the prehistorical artefacts, then the there is the perfect tour for you. It’s called “Mystery and spiritual tour”. Just for 11 days you will pass through the main old churches in Sofia and the old city – Plovdiv, you are going to visit the oldest cave called Magura, which is under UNESCO protection and visit the Thracian sanctuaries in some of the oldest and mystery mountains in Bulgaria – Stranja. In one of the most beautiful mountains – Rhodope, you will see breathtaking old bridges like “The devil’s bridge from the 16th century, so the time machine will move a lot, showing you the amazing history of Bulgaria.

Another part of the incredible Sofia tours with guides, that you can find at Bulgaria-balkan-guides.com is visiting the old and magnificent monasteries like the famous Rila monastery in Rila mountain. But not only rivers and mountains and beautiful architectures are going to amaze you if you take a trip to the Balkans. The amazing food and music is going to introduce you to the culture directly, through the senses and you definitely will want to come back in the Balkan land again. Have a look what Balkan tour offers there are at Bulgaria-balkan-guides.com and make one of the greatest adventures of your life.