Why ski rental in Bansko is a better choice?

Are you ready for the next adventure in the winter?

The season is coming, so it’s time to search for the best solutions. Many ski fans have been or have heard about Bansko in Bulgaria, where there are 75 km. ski terrain. There are perfect conditions for beginners, intermediates and even for professionals and all that can be even cheaper than you expect. At SkiPal.bg you may book a ski package with very good discounts for 2018 and 2019.

You can choose ski rental Bansko at SkiPal.bg with a lift card which is 15% discounted. The lift card and the ski school as another package is 15% less as well and if you book the ski rent online, there is 10% discount. The most amazing deal is the full package which is with 45% discount and includes everything – ski hire, ski school and lift card. That is the best opportunity in Bulgaria for the winter.

Why ski rental in Bansko is a better choice?

Why ski rental in Bansko is a better choice? As you know, dealing with the airlines could be not very easy and not so cheap. At the same time, if you decide to take your own equipment you will need to take care of it and bring it all the way. Instead of that you may choose the cheapest way, which will be also easy and you will be free from carrying around so heavy stuff. At the same time the ski equipment you can rent in Bansko are designed for the particular terrain and conditions.

The ski school is available for all ages and skills and there is always what to learn. If you are a professional, then you can choose the challenging ski piste, called also – the black one. There is an option for everyone, who likes winter sports. For more information, look at SkiPal.bg and decide what package is the best for you. Choose a life, choose the fun and the healthy activities with best friends.