A magical Seward hotel Alaska where the fairytale may start

The more we live, the more we realize that there are so many things to do in this planet. There are so many amazing things to see and to experience in this lifetime, so don’t hesitate to follow your dreams no matter how far they are leading you. If you haven’t been in Alaska, there is a wonderful possibility to make it happen in one of the most incredible places there – the Kenai Peninsula. The Spruce Lodge is a magical Seward hotel Alaska at Sprucelodgealaska.com where the fairytale may start. Seward is also called the gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park, so you can visit and explore that amazing place.

The National Park seems like a combination of soft and sharp beauty, that makes us feel like in a fantasy movie. The divine touch of the ice, the mountains and the Ocean is breathtaking. As one if the coziest Seward hotels in Alaska, Spruce Lodge is also offering a modern comfort. No matter if you are few people or a large family, there is enough space to enjoy, relax and be ready for the days adventures. The Lodge is located in the spruce woods, it gives a sensation of being a part of the wild life. That’s why is good to have the cameras ready, because you can catch amazing views all the time.

The Bear mountain will be right in front of you, so the time in the Spruce Lodge is always a great time to relax and enjoy the free life of the wild nature. During your stay you can also do hiking, biking or kayaking and more inspiring activities. Have a look at the pages of Sprucelodgealaska.com to see how many tempting possibilities there are in the comfortable Seward hotel in Alaska and decide how and when to start one of the lifetime’s adventure.