Has Anyone Used Nu Hair?

Has anyone tried Nu Hair regrowth vitamins for women? I have considered trying them but unsure if it is beneficial. I am currently taking a natures bounty hair vitamin, and I have seen no results. I though I might try Viviscal but then I heard of these. But after all, this vitamin isn’t a regrowth vitamin like NuHair claims to be. I am really concerned with my thinning hair. I am 24 and have had my hair thinning for over a year now.


It used to be so thick and healthy. My doctor is unsure as to why it is falling out. I have had several medical conditions and don’t know if they are the cause. 2 years ago my oestrogen levels were so low that I stopped my cycle completely for a year. I was so worried. With the help of my doctor and some meds it returned last nov and has been coming on its own each month since jan.

I figured that was why my hair was falling out, but no because it continues to thin. I have tested a few times positive for lupus, but I haven’t been tested for that in 6 months. Anyway, can anyone tell me more about NuHair?

Thanks Lisa


Lisa – If you get any feedback, please let me know. I have bee curious about Nuhair as well. I tired to use their serum but it made my condition worse. Thanks and good luck.

Can any one guess for the same symptoms like breaking of hair in case of MEN.