Aronia cherries in a super condition for protection of health

Online trade is undoubtedly one of the things that make our life way easier. However, when shopping virtually, you have no guarantee of product quality. This is the only risk.

Aronia cherries in a super condition for protection of health

If you are looking to buy online Aronia berry juice, you already know with the many benefits that this fruit has on the organism. For those who do not know – some of them are slimming, improving the urinary tract, treating diseases of the heart, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-allergic effects, beneficial properties on the skin and face and prevention of diabetes and colon cancer.

This juice should be sought not bottled, but in vacuum packs, so that it does not spoil in such a short time.

Farm Shayen in Bulgaria cultivates aronia in big quantities and make from it different beverages as juice and red wine.

The way they prepare drinks is new. This modern technology does not include any heat treatment of the aronia grains. It is recommended that the fruit be cold pressed and that no sweeteners and water are added. It is also free of artificial additives and preservatives. Aronia juice made in that innovative method can be found online in the Farm Shayen virtual store –

Aronia has a proven clinical effect if the juice is taken in moderate amounts, which literally means: 3 times a day 50ml, half an hour before eating an empty stomach. Aronia juice can be consumed by young children, pregnant women and elderly people. If you have low blood pressure, it is advisable to drink it in smaller doses, which you gradually increase to the ones given. If you have kidney disease, it is good to take it diluted with enough water to dispose of all the bacteria and cleanse your body.

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