Such a big variety of hand painted pictures on canvas

Perhaps you are reading this article because you are tired of the monotony in your home and you are looking for something different and unusual.

A fairly economical option for beautification and radical change in every room with minimal effort is every hand painted pictures from

Such a big variety of hand painted pictures on canvas

Such a big variety of styles, colours, sizes, materials and themes for wall decoration you can find in the pages of the catalogue of this online handmade store. Painting calms the chaos that shook your soul during the workday. The touch of art may enrich our lives in so many ways. Fill your space with harmony, peace, and tranquillity, as choose from their selection of modern and contemporary hand, painted pictures on canvas created with passion and talent, of course. The online gallery features original paintings by local newcomers and established masters of paintings.

The prices are not high. You can buy a painting for 25.00 € or 30.00€ but there are pictures for 280.00 €, as well. It depends on the size and on the materials. There are pastels, oil, graphic, water-colour and acrylic painted pictures. If you are a landscape lover, or you value the abstract art or the right forms and shapes – the symmetry, it doesn’t matter because the diversity is very rich.

Making order is very easy in this virtual space, it does not take so much time. The delivery terms are short, as well. You don’t have to wait long to see the masterpiece you have ordered on your wall. There are no shipping fees, you pay only the price for the picture you chose.

If you have any questions, you can call them on +359 889 723 453. Make your life more colourful with this handmade store!