How can you tell…

18Hello everyone! Well I am 18 and think I may be going through male pattern baldness or something already. I haven’t really noticed any more hair loss than usual at any time, but when I was 17 I noticed that I had a slight M hairline. My mother says I always had it, but I am getting worried. Could I be losing my hair already? I mean I have pretty thick hair. As far as my family history I never meet my father but as far as I know he had kinda a lot of hair loss, and my mums dad still has all his hair(with a slight M ). So should I start taking something like Regaine Foam?



Its a great site, but it doesn’t help me figure out if I am going through MPB now or anything like that.

Hi I don’t see a reason for you to worry about anything now if you not loosing a lot of hair you not going bald See Ill tell you what I know from one of the bosley’s doctors the shape of your hairline doesn’t mean you loosing hair at your age there is something like forming of a mature hairline if it is similar to your mums dad then more power to you because that is the person you inheriting those genes from your mum ‘s dad ,you also get the “hair genes” from your father but most of the time its the mothers can have big sides or high forehead and its still not male pattern baldness till you start loosing hair on the back or you experience thinning .

For example I’m 25 and loosing hair my dad is 54 and has full head of hair but my mums dad was bald when I told that to that boseley’s doc he told me that I will be losing my hair too because my mums dad was bald I might not be bald to that extent but the rule is “mums dad is bald her son will loose some hair” and it works the other way so you actually should be happy that your grandfather on your mothers side has a full head of hair because from a scientific point of view you should have very similar hair loss history as your mums dad which is like you just said none so be happy Man.

Hope that helps