Maxi summer tunics in plus sizes, how to choose online at low price

Maxi summer tunics in plus sizes, how to choose online at low price

Do you want to buy a comfortable but at the same time stylish tunic? Wondering what to look for when choosing it if you’re wearing a larger size? Then you should read the article below. We dispel all doubts and in addition we have prepared interesting fashion inspirations for you. Check out the most fashionable tunics in plus sizes presented by the Eviza online store for summer and create crazy styles with them.

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Plus size tunics for summer – how does a tunic affect the plus size figure? When is it worth buying?

Τουνίκ Plus Size Πρόκειται για μια μακρύτερη μπλούζα που συνήθως τελειώνει κάτω από το ισχίο ή γύρω στα μέσα του γλουτού. Δεν είναι φόρεμα, αλλά ταυτόχρονα απέχει πολύ από μια κλασική εφαρμοστή μπλούζα.

Plus size women are eager to wear tunics. Why? Because the tunic hides what many overweight women would like to hide, ie. protruding belly and broad sides. So if you wear a larger size, the tunic will be perfect for you. It is also worth wearing tunics even in summer when the temperatures reach their zenith. Then the looser cut will make you feel comfortable and at the same time the material will not chafe you. The tunic is an option not only for everyday life. More elegant models are suitable even in formal styles, for example with elegant chinos and high heels.

Summer tunics for plus size – which one to choose? What to consider when shopping online? Browse fashion inspirations
If you wear a larger size and are looking for the perfect tunic for you, there are a few rules to remember.
First, choose the right size. This seems trivially simple, but it is not always so. Plus size women often underestimate their size. They think that looser clothes will only add weight to them. This is a big mistake. A tunic is a blouse that itself should be slightly larger. If it is narrow, it will lose all its charm and will not do its job, i.e. it will not hide figure flaws such as a protruding stomach or wide hips. So make sure the tunic you choose is loose and casual. You will definitely look great in it!
Secondly, do not forget that the tunic can optically shorten the figure. So if you are short then always go for high heels for tunic.
Third, the neckline. The one with a V-neckline or an envelope optically slims the figure. Unfortunately, a plunging neckline can optically widen it. So don’t be afraid of larger necklines that show off the bust. Such a neckline has a great effect on the figure.
Fourth, don’t forget that light shades can add weight, while dark ones are slimming. But stay reasonable. Don’t wear a black tunic in summer. You can choose a lighter shade such as dusty pink, dove gray or dusty blue. And if you want to go crazy, bet on juicy colors, such as fuchsia or orange. Fifth, remember that models can make the figure wider. So use them sparingly.
Sixth, the sleeve. In the summer, when it’s hot, we prefer to avoid long, puffy sleeves. Much more often we stop at blouses with straps or short sleeves. Big ladies who don’t want to reveal their shoulders can safely bet on a short-sleeved tunic. And if you don’t have a problem with straps, then buy a tunic with wider ones. Avoid very thin ones because they don’t serve your figure.

The perfect summer tunic for curvy women?
Openwork pattern
Openwork tunics are light and effective thanks to charming cutouts. In summer, wear openwork tunics in white. You can wear them directly over a bra or a white tank top. In addition, such a tunic will also work on the beach as a bikini cover-up.
With lace inserts
Lace is feminine, romantic and glamorous. So, if you like such accents in your styling, bet on a tunic with lace inserts, for example on the sleeves or neckline. Tunics with a larger neckline on the back, which is additionally decorated with lace, will be extremely interesting.
Τέλειο καλοκαιρινό χιτώνα για μεγαλόσωμες κυρίες – μοντέλο με διακοσμητικά στοιχεία
Τα βολάν είναι τέλεια για το καλοκαίρι! Τα συνδέουμε με το ζεστό ισπανικό κλίμα και τις τροπικές διακοπές. Έτσι, αν σας αρέσουν τέτοια στολίδια, τότε πηγαίνετε για ένα φουσκωτό χιτώνα. Είναι σημαντικό να μην έχετε πάρα πολλά από αυτά τα διακοσμητικά.
One at the bottom of the blouse and with a short sleeve is enough.
You can also wear a peplum tunic. This is a great option when you need to create a more formal and elegant style.
Model with open shoulders
Many women have fallen in love with the Spanish neckline! And it’s no wonder, because it gives character to the styling, it’s romantic, feminine and very sexy. Such a tunic will work especially for women who have a pear figure.

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