Why being “trapped” stands out among Plovdiv top offers

Combining the charm of the ancient cultures and the avant-garde of modern trends, it is far beyond any doubt that Plovdiv is a must see place in Eastern Europe. Once stepping inside the city, a traveler would not pity the fact that it is located more than 200 km from the Black Sea. Except if it is too hot in the summer and indeed this is the area where temperature records have been recorded on a national level. But the heat is on 24 hours at a certain quarter within the heart of the city and stands out among the Plovdiv top offers where being “trapped” certainly is not a bad thing.

Color, more color, Kapana!

The name of this section located in the downtown area and literally near the footsteps of the Old Town is literally translated as ‘(the) Trap’. It is easy to get lost in the alleys and backstreets of Kapana but there you can find some the Plovdiv top offers when it comes to both cultural sightseeing and pub crawling. Visiting the area is included in the price of the daylight cityscape to combine the walk around the ancient area hill with the Bohemian spirit of the place.

The breathtaking panoramic view, taking a shot of the urban area and the surroundings, is available stepping on the top of Nebet tepe which stands on the top of the Old Town where the Roman Amphitheater is also located. Looking around the steep streets is colorful enough experience but reaching down to the Trap adds even more color to the day of the wanderer. With plenty of craft shops and fancy art cafes, Kapana is a favorite area for tourist during the day. The culinary tour around the city tasty spots also gets around there.

But this area is lively and even crowded after the sunset too. The bar crawling for about 30 Euro for a single traveler or only for 10 Euro per person for a group of six and more it ranks among the Plovdiv top offers. Some of the greatest nightclubs and live music bars are to be found in Kapana so it is easy to get “trapped” till dawn. The best of it is getting to the room by foot if a city center accommodation option is booked. But the demand for these houses is high so the reservation is required up-front.