Propecia Side Effects

Researchers have found that a substantial percentage of guys who developed sexual negative effects from using Propecia – additionally have problems with suicidal ideas and depressive symptoms.

The drug may also cause numerous side effects, including long-term sexual dysfunction, although Merck‘s Propecia is used to treat hair loss. Guys may have the right to damages through a¬†finasteride sexual dysfunction suit for these serious negetive effects, which can be long-term.

Due to a growing variety of reports affecting erectile dysfunction, impotence and other sexual health problems and finasteride, new warnings are added in several European nations that suggest the sexual dysfunction effects may be long-lasting.

Merck not telling the entire story

That’s for those guys who need to keep a regular sexual life at the exact same time and an excellent head of hair, they’re looking at treatments to fight the sexual negative effects of Propecia.

Although Merck supplied research workers uncovered in clinical trials to the early finasteride and Proscar users with a list of sexual negative effects, it later came to light the business was not telling the entire story.

Merck spent millions of dollars on direct-to-consumer ads encouraging guys with hair loss to speak with their physicians about the drug, while supplying misleading and insufficient advice about the threat of possibly irreversible Propecia side effects.

encouraging victims to report about all adverse reactions

The Canadian labels for the brand name drugs are updated to tell about the increased threat of high grade prostate cancer related to these drugs and to stress that these drugs aren’t approved for preventing prostate cancer.

The FDA has also been actively encouraging victims to submit reports about “all adverse reactions possibly due to finasteride including instances of patients who developed Peyronie’s disease, stress, panic episodes, cognitive dysfunction, chronic sleeplessness, muscle wasting and other consistent unplesant effects.”